The Second Mayan Prophecy

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The second Mayan prophecy announced that the behavior of humans would change on the eclipse of August 11, 1999; they maintained that humans would either lose control of their emotions or strengthen their inner peace. On that day we saw a ring of fire cut across the sky. The physical changes in the sun will alter man’s behavior.

A collective conscience could appear: events which separate us but also unite us, such as aggression, hate, families falling apart, as well as ideological, religious, or nationality confrontations. Of course, at the same time, more people will find peace, control their emotions, be more tolerant, respectful, and comprehensive; mankind will have a higher level of internal energy.

At the end of the cycle each person will be judged by his behavior with others, and his manner of behavior day in and day out. It will be as always: Man determines his own destiny.

On August 11, 1999, the last total eclipse of the sun of the millennium took place, and because it crossed Europe from west to east, it was probably the most observed in the history of mankind.

The total line of this eclipse began at sunrise at a point situated 700 km. east of the city of New York, following the North Atlantic until touching earth briefly in southern England, going across France, through Normandy, 30 km. north of Paris at 10:23 UT, and left France through Strasbourg. It crossed southern Belgium, Luxembourg, and southern Germany, through Austria, Hungary, Rumania, where it reached its longest duration of 2 minutes and 23 seconds at 11:03 UT, shortly before passing over Bucharest, then through Bulgaria where it left Europe and passed over the Black Sea. It touched the northwestern coast of Turkey in the city of Cide, and crossed Asia across this entire country, and finally crossed the deserts of Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, ending beyond India at nightfall.

Many cultures have created myths and legends which explain the eclipses of both the sun and the moon. As well, the eclipses have been objects of innumerable superstitions and rituals which explain what to do so that the eclipse affects or doesn’t affect people. The first prophecy tells us that from 1999 we have only 13 years to achieve the changes in conscience and attitude that they speak about; we should take advantage of the time they have established in this second Mayan prophecy.

Anabell Castañeda

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