Endless summer at Playa Chacá

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Picture yourself in a pool with the sun up above and a cool beverage in your hand, listening to the sound of the waves, palm trees swaying in the breeze, knowing that this piece of heaven will last forever.

Playa Chacá is an affordable paradise located 10 minutes from downtown Progreso, 35 minutes from Mérida and just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Its name comes from the Chacá tree, also known as Gumbo Limbo. Around its large property there is an eco friendly fence made entirely of this tree, creating a sensation of wellness by mixing modern architecture with a natural environment.

More than a complex, Playa Chacá is a nice community of people from all over the world who want to leave the crowded cities and cold of their countries to live at the beach with the warmth of the tropics.

You can choose between a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment. Each of them has been designed to create an atmosphere of comfort. Each has its own private terrace where you can feel the sea breeze every afternoon. All apartments include electric 4 burner stove and installations for A/C, satellite or cable tv and internet, among other attributes. You can also add optional upgrades that are available to improve your new home comfortably.

Playa Chacá has a beautiful pool, with an 82 ft. long swim lane, where you can enjoy the warmth of an eternal summer while you're in the water. The pool area also has a palapa, perfect for get togethers with new friends, where you can have a barbecue or party. To maintain contact with your loved ones, there is Wi-Fi in all common areas.

On the 4th floor, Playa Chacá has an amazing rooftop terrace where the view can’t get any better. You can hang out with friends, have romantic dinners at sunset or peacefully read a good book. This is THE spot to be! It’s a great place for chatting and having cocktails, with room for hammocks, sunbeds for tanning, and best of all: the beach all around you.   

Progreso has so much to offer for those who want to make it their new hometown. It has a local market where you can find fresh veggies and fish, and the Malecón is a pleasant street by the sea, full of folklore and color. There are all kinds of outdoor activities, like boating and fishing, so you’ll never get bored.

Now you know! So pack your swimming suit and get ready to experience life in paradise, surrounded by exotic nature, where the summer has no end.




1 bedroom apt.

How much is the rent for the 1 bedroom apt.?


re. 1 bedroom apt.

The accommodation is for sale, not for rent.



I see that building wont be started until 2014. How many condos have you sold so far please ?



could you tell me how many have been sold so far? and is it mexicans or foreigners that are buying them?


re. update

Please contact Playa Chaca directly:

(1) 705 716 8112 Canadian cell
315 370 7452 toll free international



the name Playa Chaca

is the name only for the residence? or also is there a town called Playa Chaca there


re. the name

It is just the name of the development, there is no town of that name. It is located just east of Progreso. The website has a map on its Contact page.


re. one bedroom

Please contact Playa Chaca directly:

(1) 705 716 8112 Canadian cell
315 370 7452 toll free international


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