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Travelling around Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico


Travelling around Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico
Round trip, October 24th 2010 - November 11th 2010
By Jutta Rath and Ulrich Schlüter from Münster, Germany
Many thanks to Martin Schneider for the professional translation into English
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As always, choosing our destination was a last-minute decision. At our local travel agency "Der Reiseplaner" in Münster-Hiltrup we booked a non-stop flight on Air Berlin from Düsseldorf (DUS) to Cancún (CUN) ( for 766 EUR per person. The offer by tour operator 5 vor Flug ( included hotel transfer and the first three nights at a hotel in Cancún-City, picked by the tour operator.

The Barrio of Santa Ana Has a New Monument


by Barry Zahn

In June of 2010 the barrio of Santa Ana acquired a new monument. In the center of the glorieta at the beginning of the Paseo de Montejo ("remate") and Calle 47 the Ayuntamiento de Mérida erected a monument to the father and son duo of Francisco de Montejo. A very brief history of the Montejo's according to

Magic, Superstition and the Owls of Yucatan


My name is Sean and my wife and I moved from England to Yucatan about 2 months ago to start our new life teaching Reiki, Tai Chi and other spiritual techniques. We bought our Ranch (San Pedro in Izamal) about two years ago and have been working towards our dream since. My first blog was to be about our building work here at Rancho San Pedro but something quite incredible has happened concerning magic and an Owl which I felt I would share with you. If you are unfamiliar with the owls of Yucatan they are truly beautiful creatures although their call is really quite horrendous. The first time I heard one of the owls I thought someone was being attacked as there was an unearthly screech.

VIII International Meeting of Cave Diving

Well beyond the tourism potential held by the caves and cenotes of Yucatán peninsula for their nearby residents, their research occupies many other disciplines of human knowledge: Archaeology (Mayan remains); chemistry (composition of sediment and water); bacteriology (endemic bacteria to these sites); medicine (lung decompression techniques, among others); hydrolic and hydrology engineering (exploitation of aquifers and saline intrusion); biology (diversity of flora and fauna); and of course, cave diving, an underwater activity exercised by specialized divers who explore their recesses with the only aim of discovering, admiring, and sharing their experiences of what many simply call “another world.”

Xcunya, "Off the Grid," in Yucatan


By John Grimsrud, Mérida Verde Friend

Halfway between the city of Mérida and the coastal port town of Progreso in the little unassuming village of Xcunyá is located a relatively new experimental ecological park "A'ak." In just three years of existence the experimental station has done wondrous things. This non-governmental operation is proving a point that life can indeed go on without being plugged in to the electrical grid and get along quite well living without polluting the environment.

Testimonial for Realtor Arq. Gabriela Cornelio


Submitted by Henry and Nancy Casten

Falafel in Merida!

by Annalisa Bandalera

I am a vegetarian who has been living in Mérida for 3 months. It is extremely difficult
to find yummy vegetarian food here. I have to admit that I am less than impressed with
the food that Amaro serves. I am writing because I have discovered a 100% vegetarian
restaurant that I think should be listed on your website.

The Two Amigas


By Terrye Godown

Irmo, SC

It was our last day in the rented beach casa. My husband Bud and I were heading home to the States after a month's odyssey in the Yucatán, Mexico.  I awoke between 6 and 7 a.m. as usual to the sound of the waves and the twirping of the mystery bird perched on the Seagrape tree outside. I fondly called it the "cell phone" bird, because it sounded like a popular mobile ring option.

En Grave Peligro el Hermoso Friso de Estuco de Ek Balam


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